Life is better by the sea

Chill out Fishing is relaxing at the Archipelago sea, while boating, fishing and exploring the islands

I’m Hendry ”Hemppa” Wahlsten and my company is Chill out Fishing. My philosophy, having lived and worked here by the Archipelago Sea, is that you shouldn’t take things too seriously, and the most important thing is the success of the trip and the good feeling that this nature and the sea can offer you.

I am a trained fishing guide and I have the qualification of a charter boat driver, first aid skills, a hygiene pass and a life long lesson experience from boating and camping.

Chill out Fishing is relaxing at the Archipelago sea, while boating, fishing and exploring the islands

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Fishing trips for groups of 1-4 people

Depending on the time and weather, we head to the archipelago of Salo, Kemiönsaari or Parainen. The fishing targets are walleye, pike, perch and, in time of cold water, also sea trout. Trips can be short, from afternoons to several day trips, where we prepare our meals ourselves on the outer islands or book an accommodation with a catering service. Our partners help with accommodation and meal needs.

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Island tours for groups of 1-6 people

Do you want to experience deserted islands, enjoy the peace of nature and the sounds of the sea, swim in clear waters and spend the night on an island under the open sky in a hammock or tent? Food can be prepared with trangia. We choose island destinations in such a way that we avoid burdening nature and disturbing ecosystems. We leave only our footprints in nature – no trash.

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Boat trips in the Archipelago Sea

Ports of departure: Kokkila, Mathildedal, Förby, Skata, Västanfjärd, Taalintehdas and Kasnäs. The length of the trip can be from an hour to the whole day. Get to know the wonderful Archipelago Sea and its attractions, without the need to skipper yourself. You can offer a trip as a birthday gift, for example. During the trip, there is an opportunity for example for swimming, a coffee break, eating and geocaching.

Contact us and we'll plan a boat trip that suits your needs!

Whether it’s an adventurous day out with friends or a quiet moment in nature with the family, Chill out Finland has a solution. We individualize the activities, routes and destinations according to your wishes and help build an unforgettable trip.